Augusts 07, 2020

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Mazā Balva 2020 (EN)

By Jūlijs 28, 2020 74





STAGE 6&7 of LATVIAN CUP Open championship of Smiltene Municipality


Main organizers - OC Azimuts and LOF
Supported by -  Smiltene Municipality Council
Chief referee – Aldis Lapiņš
IT support – Mārtiņš Dūdelis (Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta no mēstuļu robotiem. Pārlūkprogrammai ir jābūt ieslēgtam JavaScript atbalstam, lai varētu to apskatīt.)
Courses – Aldis Lapiņš
Comments – Andris Rupais
Sound engineering – Uģis Sirmais
Photographer – Valdis Paeglis


Inspector – Jānis Lazdāns (OC A2)


Competition centre both days – ‘’Avoti’’, Launkalne, Smiltene Municipality.
Saturday, August 22
Registration from 12:00
14:00 middle distance start
Sunday, August 23
12:00 long distance start
15:30 closing ceremony, awards


Competition centre – middle distance start – Saturday  – 2.9km

                             -  long distance start  - Sunday – 0.2km

Competition centre – parking on the motorway –  0.2km to 0.5km

Parking - middle distance start – Saturday  – 2.5 - 2.7km

                -  long distance start  - Sunday  – 0.1 - 0.3km

No parking fee.


COMPETITION CENTRE AND FORBIDDEN AREA''-ls-bXcv+buqu5c..W++-ls-bXcv+buqu5''-ls-bXcv+buqu5c..W++-ls-bXcv+buqu5''-ls-vVcv+Vsqu5''uS**



The terrain of Latvian Championship 2019 long course, extended to S and W. The terrain is located in northern part of Vidzeme Highland  - Mežole hilly area that is a significant example of boreal wet forest as well as swampy area. Rare and protected plants are abundant in the area. Most part of the terrain is Mežole protected area, which means restricted forestry acivities.  Unusual and complicated contour shapes are present. Absolute height above sea level up to 240 m. Regular network of forest vistas. Fir-tree forest dominates, runnability- medium. Few open spaces, clearings and paths.  


Mapmakers: Edmunds Zvaigzne, Vilnis Veļķeris, Indulis Peilāns and Aldis Lapiņš

Map prepared 2019 – 2020

Map scale  Middle courses 1:10 000 (MW16-35), other classes 1:7 500, contours: 2.5m

Map scale  Long courses 1:15 000 (MW16-35), other classes 1:10 000, contours: 2.5m

Map examples


START FEES PER DAY             

MW 8, MW10 


MW12, MW14,


 MW16-20, MW60-80




12 EUR

12 EUR

Online entries before 23:59, August 17, via  LOF.LV sistēma.

Participants who had entered but did not start are obliged to pay 50% of respective fees. ODB tax included. Payment options: on site - cash only, bank transfer (see details below), if an invoice is required, please contact Antra Ķikute (phone. +37126377854, email Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta no mēstuļu robotiem. Pārlūkprogrammai ir jābūt ieslēgtam JavaScript atbalstam, lai varētu to apskatīt.). At registration the payment order should be presented. Family discount 25%, on condition that at least two children (up to MW18) and at least one parent takes part. After August 17, only vacancies available, start fees + 50%.


Payment details:

Biedrība orientēšanās sporta klubs ‘’AZIMUTS’’,

Reg. No. 40008184365,

Address: Galdnieku iela 14, Smiltene.

AS „SEB banka”, account No. Nr. LV66UNLA0050018356525, SWIFT code UNLALV22



Sportident contact/contactless system for all classes. Participants can choose either. SIAC cards available for rent (EUR 1.50 per day). If no personal SI card indicated on entry, a rented SIAC is allocated. In case a rented SIAC is lost/damaged the full value (EUR 65) has to be paid to organizers.


Winners are calculated summing both course times. Medals for first three in each class as well as other prizes. In classes MW8 and MW10 all participants are awarded.

Winners in classes W21E and M21E are awarded with EUR 100 cash prize. 



According to LOF regulations middle and long course winners’ times.


Pre-start 3 minutes.


For classes MW21E and other participants if decided by organizers.



Cafe, WC, medical service at finish. Competition commentary – Andris Rupais.


When entering for the competition, a participant agrees that his/her personal data are processed and used for the organisation of the competition, for publishing the list of registered participants and results and/or photos/videos on the website and social media as well as public media.


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